Film Studies

Film Studies


On completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Appreciate films from a theoretical and technological point of view
  • Understand why cinema is a cultural artefact that brings in comparison with literary texts

Module I: (10 Hours)

The Language of Films

  • Shots
  • Sequences
  • Mise-en scene
  • Editing
  • Cuts
  • Montage
  • 30-degree rule
  • 180-degree rule
  • Temporal ellipses
  • Three-point light
  • Off-screen space
  • Sound and colour

Module II: (10 Hours)

Evolution of Cinema

  • Introduction to the history and growth of cinema
  • Major film movements- Film genres
  • Auteur Theory
  • Feminist Film Theory

Module III: (10 Hours)

Literature and Film

  • The interface between literature and cinema
  • Early film adaptations
  • Adaptation as interpretation

Suggested Readings:

  • Amy Villarejo. Film Studies.
  • J Dudley Andrew. The Major Film Theories.
  •  Andrew Dix Beginning Film Studies
  • Satyajit Ray Our Films, Their Films
  • JarekKupscHistory of Cinema for Beginners
  • Graeme Turner Film as Social Practice

Suggested Films/Scenes:

  • Godfather – Baptism scene
  • Citizen Kane – The Union Forever! scene
  • Weekend – Traffic jam scene
  • MajidMajidiChildren of Heaven
  • Mark Herman The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Zhang Yang Getting Home
  • David Lean Doctor Zhivago
  • VikramadityaMotwaneLootera
  • Quentin Tarantino Inglorious Bastards
  • SrijitMukharjeeBaisheSarbon
  • K. G. George Yavanika
  • MishkinOnayumAttukkuttiyum
  • NagarajManjuleFandry

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