Water Purification System

Our College has made all the necessary arrangements for providing clean and pure drinking water to the students and staff. Caring students hydrated can play a significant role in helping them maintain concentration and feel more energetic throughout the day. The College provides students with a suitable opportunity to refill their water bottles with branded water coolers and dispensers at each drinking water point. 

Water Audit is regularly carried out by government laboratories to maintain the quality and hygiene of water and water resources.  Thereby we ensure that students and staff stay away from water-borne diseases and contaminants with a healthy environment for all.

We have also constructed a Rain Water Harvesting method for collecting and storing natural rainwater. Roofs and guttering are maintained in good and clean condition in order to reduce contamination entering the storage tank.  We regularly check the functioning of water purifiers and water coolers. Proper repair and replacement are done in order to ensure pure and safe drinking water for all.

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