Folklore Club

In the academic year 2017-18, a Folklore Club was registered under Kerala Folklore Academy. The club was set up to impart training in folk arts and to ensure ongoing efforts in their development, promotion, and perpetuation. The main objectives of this club are:

  • To promote the folk performing art forms of Kerala.
  • To evolve new art forms from traditional arts without losing their identity.
  • To provide exposure to students on various folk art forms.

The club envisions its main objectives as the identification and categorization of the various folk arts of Kerala and ensuring the growth of its reach and influence on the masses.





Dr. Nisha Joseph

Assistant Professor


Mr. Jishnukanth

Assistant Professor on Contract

Assistant Co-ordinator

Ms. Gurupriya Rajeev

Student Co-ordinator

Mr. Mebin Thambi

Student Co-ordinator

Folklore Club Activities

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